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sell plots of land

As  you  begin  work  at Coveland Limited, you  are  joining  a remarkable  community. Coveland Limited is  founded  upon  the  principle  of  the  pursuit  of excellence in the real estate industry.  Every  day, more  than  1,000  people  work  on  the  company’s behalf  in and outside  the  city to promote the company’s brand and products.



As a way of creating job opportunities and wealth for as many individuals interested in the real estate industry, we at Coveland Limited offer a wide range of in-depth trainings in-house and also at some selected venues with the engagement of seasoned practitioners in the sector to educate and equip our ISCs with the much needed skills in identifying with genuine property and marketing them to their potential buyers.

Consequently, for every ISC who succeeds in marketing any of our real estate product bouquets, we ensure that he/she is well rewarded for the service. To accomplish this feat, we have set up a well structured compensation scale to appreciate performing ISCs which will be duly communicated to them upon their sign up with us as an independent sales partner.

To further motivate the ISCs, we will organize timely events to recognize and appreciate exceptional performances by some of them.


All duly registered Independent Sales Consultants under Coveland Limited must adhere strictly to our guiding codes as stated below:-

  • Must give accurate and concise information only.
  • Must not misrepresent Coveland Limited.
  • Must sell at recommended company price only.
  • ISCs are not allowed to receive payment in their name/company on behalf of Coveland Limited.
  • Cheques, Bank drafts and Transfers should be made in favour of Coveland Limited.
  • ISCs are expected to immediately deposit cheques and bank drafts into Coveland Limited’s designated bank accounts upon acceptance and notify management such deposits.
  • ISCs are to ensure that their clients adhere strictly to agreed payment model to avoid defaults.
  • ISCs must imbibe our culture of honesty, transparency and reliability.
  • Every ISCs signed up by us is considered bound by our code of conducts.

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